Andrew and Sydnie

Our Story

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Andrew and Sydnie met in the fall of 2012 when Sydnie was a freshman at Oklahoma Baptist University and Andrew was a sophomore. Andrew was a social butterfly, and all the freshman girls swooned over him. Sydnie had a crush on him from the beginning, but just did not think anything would ever happen.

The two became great friends, and both ended up signing up for the Russia church planting class for the spring of 2013. The class met during the spring semester, and then took a trip to Ufa, Russia on their spring break. It was overseas where Andrew and Sydnie solidified their friendship, and grew close. They both admired each other, but from afar and as friends.

A little less than a year went by, when the Lord grew, shaped, and molded both hearts in amazing ways. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2013, Andrew started texting and talking to Sydnie more frequently, and Sydnie began to get butterflies. On Sydnie's birthday, Andrew called on the phone and they talked for a while, and a couple weeks later they even Skyped!......

After the holidays, the two had a conversation about how they both liked each other but thought they should take it slow for varying reasons. Then, on Valentine's Day, Andrew said, "Syd I want to ask you to be my girlfriend, but I'm afraid that might be too cheesy." To which Sydnie then responded nonchalantly, "You can ask me when you want to ask me." And so, the two started dating each other.

Throughout every aspect of the couple's relationship, the Lord has continued to show His grace, mercy, redemption, and faithfulness to Andrew and Sydnie. After several months of dating, the two broke up before that summer. During their breakup, the two learned so much about themselves, each other, their relationship, the Lord, and the world. Growing closer to God and stronger in their faiths is something that might not have happened, had they continued dating.

During the separation, Sydnie realized that she loved Andrew, and Andrew began to realize the same. After about nine months apart, Andrew decided to tell Sydnie how he felt. He called her over to his apartment, and they had an almost two hour long conversation about how they both loved each other, and what that meant for their future.

After praying, thinking, and discussing with fellow mentors for about a week, the two began dating again in March of 2015. Their relationship was so much stronger because of the break, and they are better for it. Quickly the two realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. And so, on August 7, 2015, Andrew surprised Sydnie in Oklahoma City with a very important question and a little black box. She said YES! and now they are happily preparing for the best day of their lives.
Jennifer Wick